About Shorapur

Shorapur is a small town in the Yadgir district of Karanataka. The average literacy rate of Shorapur is 55 % which is lower than the national average rate that stands at 59.5 %. The official language spoken by the people of Shorapur is Kannad.

Shorapur Fort

Demography of Shorapur

Shorapur has a population of 43,591 where the males constitute 51 % of the population and the females constitute the rest 49 % of the population. The latitudinal and the longitudinal location of Shorapur are 16.52 Degrees North and 76.75 Degrees East respectively.

Economy of Shorapur

Farming is the main occupation of the people of Shorapur. Shorapur is famous for producing Cotton, Pulses and Paddy.

Shorapur Tourism

Shorapur has many places to visit with your family. Some of those places are discussed below, have a look.

Shorapur Fort

The Vanadurga fort in Shorapur is a place of great historical importance. The name Vanadurga is given to the fort because the fort once stood amid dense forests but now it is surrounded by fields for cultivation. This fort was built by Krishnappa Nayaka of the NayakaDynasty and was used by the Royal family as a place of safety. This fort has numerous inscriptions in the Devanagiri script. The remnant of a gigantic idol of Goddess Laxmi can also be found here.

Bheemnarayana Gudi

This is also a beautiful place at a distance of 34.7 km from Shorapur and takes around 50 minutes to reach there.

Bonal Bird Sanctuary

It is only 10 km from Shorapur and is a beautiful sanctuary with a number of migratory birds flocking over this region every year.

Shri Venugopala Swami Temple

This is a famous temple in Shorapur where all the rituals were started by the Shorapur Kings.

Taylors Manzil

This is a 170 years old Bungalow of Col. Meanders Taylor who was appointed by the British Government as a political agent of the state and also with the additional responsibility to look after the education of Venkatappa Nayak who later became the fearless ruler of the Nayaka Dynasty. This bungalow is a must watch for tourists who go to Shorapur.

Chhaya Bhagwati Temple

This is a famous temple on the banks of the river Krishna, a few kilometres away Shorapur. Every year pilgrims from all over the world thong here, to get rid of their sins, by the blessings of Chhaya Bhagwati.

One Day Trip from Shorapur   

Following are the places where you can plan for one day trip from Shorapur.

Shorapur to Hosapete

Hosapete is located at a distance of 190 km from Shorapur and takes around 3 hours and 37 minutes to reach Hosapete from Shorapur. The places of interest in Hosapete are Vittala Temple, Tungabhadra dam, the Royal Palace, the Lotus Mahal, the Chakra vana, the Nandanavana and Shri Ramulu Park to name a few.

Shorapur to Koppal

It takes around 2 hours and 53 minutes to reach Koppal from Shorapur which is at a distance of 155 km from Shorapur. The tourist spots in Koppal are the Hulikere Lake, the Gavisiddheshwara temple and the Kankagiri hills etc.

Weekend Destination from Shorapur

If you are planning for weekend trips from Shorapur here are some information given, have a look at these.

Shorapur to Hubbali

Shorapur to Hubbali

Hubbali is located at a distance of 263 km from Shorapur and takes around 5 hours and 13 minutes to reach there. The tourist spots here are Chandramouleshwara Temple, Navagraha Teertha and the Siddharoodha Math.

Shorapur to Vijayanagar

Vijayanagar is located at a distance of 507 km from Shorapur and takes around 8 hours and 26 minutes to reach there. The Archaelogical museum, Gagan Mahal , the Royal enclosure, Hemkuta hill temples, Hanuman temple and the river side ruins are amongst the various sites that you can visit with your family.

Fact File of Shorapur

Town: Shorapur
District: Yadgir
State: Karnataka
Latitude: 16.53 Degrees North
Longitude: 76.75 Degrees East
Official Languages: Kannada

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